Seriously, did their AICAR program got shut down!?

Not only Bardet's atrocious performance today. His whole season has been horse crap. Frank climbing worse than Trentin on Thursday. Something must be seriously wrong with their preparation!

We're still talking about the former Casino team. The squad that had Massi, Dessel, Moreau beating Kashechkin & Vino at the Dauphine, Gadret 4th at the 2011 Giro d'Italia, Kiirsipu beating world elite sprinters, Efimkin, hiring Mancebo, various positives like George's, etc. So it's not the typical propre French team and never was either.

Any rumors!?
staubsauger said:
Seriously, did their AICAR program got shut down!?
Something must be seriously wrong with their preparation!
Any rumors!?
These are the recent AG2R doping, if anyone wants to add more going back historically, feel free to do so

Steve Houanard - EPO doping, 2012 - banned only 2 years ! Got fired
Sylvain Georges - heptaminol doping, 2013 - blamed it on contaminated herbal supplement (rubbish excuse) - banned only 6 months, but got fired by AG2R
Lloyd Mondory - EPO doping, 2015 - banned for 4 years - his case and the UCI tribunal proceedings are extensively covered in the Clinic - technically, he is eligible to race, since it has been 4 years since 2015. Not surprisingly, he doesn't have a new pro contract

Those French guys would be most knowledgeable about whether there is a systematic AG2R program

We could look deeper into the French-language journalism and literature to see if there is anything recently, my expectation is that nobody was keen to investigate AG2R, because of being French and clean-ish
Jul 29, 2016
I do not know about detection of AICAR, but similar effect would have cardarine (GW501516) and it is most probably detectable - it is SARM and recently SARM's have been detected in blood of Beatriz Haddad Maia - SARM S-22 and SARM LGD-4033.