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Apr 20, 2012
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Daniel Benson said:

it's not in his book mind, but it's true he worked with him.
One source?

Sloppy journalism, CN copy pasted this:

The article states:
Fignon did the Conconi - test.
The article does not state 'the team bus of Gatorade was parked outside the university of Ferrara'.

Glad to see Laurent won the Tour of Mexico with the help of the Grand Master of Killing Cycling Conconi in 1993.

What is next for CN? LeMond going to see Ferrari in 1993? So LeMond worked with Ferrari? Adrie van Diemen worked with Conconi?

Very sloppy Daniel.

Worked with is something different to doing a test as in team wide doping with big fat @ss riders outclimbing mountaingoats.

Muchos gracias for your reply nevertheless.
[nothing personal]

Oct 30, 2011
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Terrible CN, get it the hell together. The dead can't sue for libel. Are you sure that's not the real reason you're saying these things about Fignon and not about others?