Alberto's Positive Test

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Because of Alberto's general reputation for being a clean cyclist it is necessary to start a new thread on this subject.

Burying the issue in the bowels of other unrelated threads does a disservice to cycling fans who are on the one hand dismayed at this test result, and on the other feel the need to follow this case closely and critically. We must of course respect the investigation process and not pre-judge.

I will start the discussion with a suggestion that given how other clenbutrol cases have been handled by the UCI or National Federations, it is probable that Aberto will get a one year suspension.

On the other hand given the very small trace amount of the drug and the explanation it came from a contaminated source, perhaps Alberto's case falls under that legal maxim "de minimus non curat lex" (The law does not concern itself with trifles).
The main thread is full of gloating and mis-information and is wildly off topic already.

It is unfortunate that this place isn't really allowing a sensible debate on the subject.

AFAIK Contador was't implicated in Puerto (AC was Antoni Colom) and has never been tainted so far.

Clenbutorol is very common in european animal foods and trace contamination is highly likely - surely his previous tests in this Tour will count for something? It isn't a masking agent and isn't really a drug of choice for tour contenders these days.


Apr 28, 2010
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