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All-Anagram Co-ed Tour Team Challenge

Jul 14, 2010
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I was getting bored today and, one thing leading to another, I came up with this competitive looking cycling team, "anagrammed" from 9 of this Tour's riders. Granted, some are better sounding than others, but all in all, we're aiming for victory in 2011.

Here goes. See if you can guess them all. Including the team name (easy!).

Team Disco-Fi
Dave Selcan
Gwen "Bigs" Dairly
Anna Dork-Leeds
Shrec Nirroh
Domani Guanoce
Chris Coloena
Lyrra Refart
Vishkam Dancer
Sven Gotji

Prizes given to top three fastest - and correct - responses. Prize list includes 1) a man hug from Bob Roll 2) a VHS tape of the "Born from Jets" commercial 3) a suitcase of courage from Phil and Paul.

Cheers! And a happy Bastille Day to all the French followers.