Amgen Tour of California - ride with us

Mar 12, 2013
Hey, all. My friend and I are two strong riders who like to have a good time, and we are seeking more of the same to ride the Amgen Tour of California route with us this year. The plan is to ride the whole thing, ~720 miles in 8 days, with 1 rest day (if we skip the TT). Obviously this will be lot more fun with a bigger group. Logistics are still coming together, the plan is to ride on the race route itself as much as possible. Anyone with experience organizing something similar around ATOC or another race, would love to hear from you. We have some connections to the race organization itself that may prove to be useful in making this happen. Any thoughts on other good forums to solicit riders would be appreciated also. Thanks.

The race is May 12 to 19



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