Amstel Gold article

Apr 19, 2010
I was very disappointed in your Amstel results with so little on Ryder Hesjdal, literally not a word on him during the race summary and not one picture, and he comes in second! Did he just appear in the last 100 meters?
Dekker_Tifosi said:
Well that is pretty much what happened.

Hesjedal didn't figure in any of the attacks, he just hid himself and, literally, came out of nowhere in the final 100 meters.

You want cyclingnews to bend the truth or what?

Yeah, that sums it up pretty much, it wasnt until late on that I noticed a Garmin rider in the important group. I think he got mentioned once on Eurosport coverage during the last hour before the finish. It could be said, he saved himself for the final climb of the Cauberg. Excellent result for Hesjedal but wasnt visible or an animator during the race.
Feb 1, 2010
Yes he did really come out of nowhere to be honest and wasn't really visible at all until the finish line (which, at the end of the day, is where it matters)... great result nonetheless!

Hopefully that result (and the 10th today at Flecha) gives him some more confidence to attack more and be more aggressive! Already saw him more aggressive today, and he CAN stay on he climbs with the favourites, despite what many might think.

Daniel Benson

Mar 2, 2009
He's mentioned several times in the report and there are photos of him too. We (I) wrote a story on him before and after the race as well. If you download tomorrow's podcast you'll be able to listen to an interview with Ryder too.