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Amstel is Gold, Jerry, Gold! Men's Classic One-Day Race, April 14, 2024

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Who will win Amstel Gold (Men) 2024?

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VDP used the race as training. never saw him breathing hard. he didn't care at all. next Sunday it'll be a very different way of racing, be warned
also gave a lesson to the other contenders that he won't solve all their problems. Pidcock was the only smart one to see the danger and jumped himself.

Skjelmose and all caught out with "great legs" but just looking at VDP caused their downfall
again, it's the NOS. Get used to it.

Only way to fix that for Amstel is to have it start just across the border so Sporza does production instead. LOL
With Flanders Classics taking over, can we expect an improvement on that front?

My impression is that Amstel right now is a bit stale on the way it's being presented to the viewers. Can't exactly point out why, but despite the race being interesting yesterday, the way it was being shown made it sometimes boring. Not exactly the same dynamic we get looking at how some of the classics already done are shown.
There's no possible improvement.

Current route is the ideal course for Amstel Gold Race. Ideally it creates racing like in 2023 & 2001. At worst you still have interesting last 50 kilometers with a late breakaway and a favorites fight in the final like yesterday!

Alternative would be going back to a dull uphill sprint which makes the race worth watching for less than 5 minutes or the flat finish & route around Maastricht with no action at all.
Pidcock outdoing Ayuso in the dog department as well

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