Andy Schleck's Catch 22.

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May 22, 2009
Picture the scene. You are Andy Schleck.
You are at home. The doorbell rings. It's Alberto. You invite him him.
You exchange small talk until he clear his throat and looks at you dead on.
'Andy. I'm sorry I tested positive and ruined cyclings reputation. I'm sorry for attacking you when your chain came off and saying I never saw it when i did.'
He sighs and looks down contemplatively.
'It looks like I'm going away for a while, probably a year. Don't know where yet. But I just wanted you to know I was sorry. I got you a present to make up for it!'
With that, he pulls a white plastic bag out of his satchel, and hands its firm contents to you.
'It's Spain's finest!' he says, 'A prime sirloin steak!'

What do?
Oct 25, 2010
Andy SHOULD say "that's OK, it was just a F'd-up shift which was my own fault...nice attack that day... I'd have done the same thing... and I dope too".

The punchline ain't that funny. I've heard every steak joke one can possible ever hear.
Oct 29, 2009
OK folks, enough with the frivolous thread creation. We get you find it all very interesting and want to chip in. We're getting pretty fed up with seeing meaningless thread after meaningless thread appear, all about the same thing.

We have said it a couple of times and it will stay that way as long as the breaking news remains "this good. This is not the time to test our patience.
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