Teams & Riders Anna Kiesenhofer: Mathematician, amateur cyclist, Olympic champion thread

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I don't think money was the reason she decided to stay in academia, although I don't think her contract for Lotto Soudal would have been huge either. But working as a mathematicians simply has a few big advantages compared to being a cyclist.

First and foremost, she is the prime example that it's possible to cycle at a competitive level while being a mathematician, while I'm pretty certain that nobody can do serious mathematical research while being a professional cyclist. Many people go cycling to free their mind and get away from their everyday stress. I refuse to believe you can do it the other way around and do mathematical research to free your mind. The way she is doing things right now she gets the best of both worlds and that's honestly great for her.

Also, as great as cycling is, it's a dangerous sport, you can't have a career in it without getting injured sooner rather than later and it's a sport where you will be out of a job at some point in your 30's if not sooner. Going back to doing research after having been away for over a decade sounds almost impossible to me, except if she is absolutely extraordinarily talented in mathematics.

On a completely different note, there is a video that has gone viral in Austria of an interview of Kiesenhofer's sister. So there is this TV channel called OE24 which is owned by Wolfgang Fellner. Aside from the channel being known for it's sensationalism and horrible journalistic standards this Fellner guy has also been in the media lately for multiple women accusing him of sexual harassment leading to him stopping to host shows on his channels. So when an interviewer from OE24 asked Kiesenhofer's sister how she felt about the win of her sister she answered that it was her happiest day since Fellner has disappeared from television. So in other words, looks like Anna's sister is just as cool as her.
I also read somewhere she doesn't enjoy riding in the peloton, rather rides in the break / alone, similar to de Gendt.
She apparently rode the whole neutral zone 3-4 metres behind everybody else because she gets tetchy with everybody riding in close proximity, and then attacked as soon as the flag dropped like she's Emma Pooley at the GP Montréal or something.
What an amazing story. I wonder why there are so few "base on true story" movies from the cycling environment. And I am not talking about documentaries about Armstrong doping.
This one could be one of my favorites.. I would love to be a student of this lady. Very inspiring.
Cav´s comeback will be filmed for sure. And I am sure there are plenty of other stories that would be much more worth seeing than most of the present "***" played on TV these days.
Probably I should start the thread. Cycling stories to be filmed.