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Another kiss gone bad. The romance of cycling sullied again.


Jun 16, 2009
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'Portuguese Podium girls sue Spanish rider. They want their kisses back.'

It took a while but the B-sample also confirmed positive, but the fight is on says Eladio ... read>23/03/2010 http://www.tribuna.net/noticia/50395/DEPORTES/contraanálisis-confirma-positivo-ciclista-eladio-jiménez-portugal.html


"We want our kisses back."

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DAOTEC: You MUST stop this. Reference a story, use a few lines and then put in the cite. Do NOT insert an entire article!
DAOTEC said:
'Portuguese Podium girls sue Spanish rider. They want their kisses back.'


... “I gave him a real smooch, not a fake one. I even pushed my breasts into his sweaty jersey. And now, it’s like my kisses are worthless. We are sexy party girls and we deserve better,” she added.

They should bring these podium girls to France.

Oh wait, but they will complain later about the winner being doped to the gills.:D


The likelihood of them getting their kisses back are about as good as them getting their virginity back. lol! Throw it out judge!