Arctic Race of Norway 2019 - 15/18 Aug

Compared with last year ghe route doesn't suit Mathieu so well as last year when there were 3 finishes in small climbs.
Still, I expect him to be in contention for 3 stages except the HTF (since Correndon doesn't bring Tim Merlier, the sprinter). That climb is harder than most Vuelta muritos and there are some very good climbers like Zakarin or Barguil so MVDP will probably be dropped somewhere along the way. He also said that he wouldn't target that stage but I hope he tests himself.
Wow great leadout by Astana for MvdP. The tatical morons just set new standards for idiocy riding for Lutsenkos sprint when they had Cort in the group
Maybe they thought Lutsenko could get bonus seconds for the GC, while Cort was never going to beat van der Poel anyway.

Cort looked really strong throughout but I don't think he has done a single sprint this year. Maybe San Remo for 14th.
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