Are my hairline cracked or broken carbon fibre handlebars br

Jul 28, 2016
They came with a bike second hand. I didn't notice it till I took the bar tape off. I haven't ridden them.
It looks as though the broken and cracked areas may just be fairings that wouldn't affect structural strength but I don't know for sure. I have seen carbon bars that don't have this bit.
Can anyone shed any light on this? Can I do a strength test at home?
Jan 10, 2010
White Carbon!!?? Bin it and start again - :eek:

Theres a reason many pro's don't use / trust carbon bars.....after a crash / accident / poor transportation, it is very difficult to ascertain the integrity of the bar. If you crash on Alloy bars, no problem to get up and go again.

Along with being too flexy in sprints (carbon)......& helps to keep the weight up (Alloy) to make UCI regulations.

Your call - install and give a really solid working over in / on all angles (safely). Have you got a wind trainer?? Set up and give the bars a solid working over (not clipped in, but in front of the bike and from the side) If they fail and you're on the bike......???

I'd just go for new set of bars - just my 0.02c though.
Re: Are my hairline cracked or broken carbon fibre handlebar

Dude, as a last resort you just duct tape it, eh? (I'm being very friendly when I use the term dude, btw., some of you seem to take "dude" very badly.)

Hopefully you have a good relationship with your LBS mechanics, they'll be able to tell you - for free- whether it can be fixed, or whether you should just replace it. (If you've got the money I say just replace it, but, whatever.)

Anyhoo, good luck out there, dude! :cool:


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