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Teams & Riders Arnaud De Lie is De Truth Discussion Thread

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Yes. He did an interview with HLN (Belgian media outlet) about it, he's still starting.

There's a blatant lie in the interview tho lmao
Probably to keep the press and everyone from overly panicking, but he did come back earlier than planned from Sierra Nevada cause of light sickness. He was only of the bike for 2 or 3 days so nothing bad but they didn't want to make the same mistake as earlier this year.
De Lie's bud Campenaerts gives his view on De Lie and the Tour -


"He has to tackle it without pressure. Although I do see some great opportunities. Stages that could potentially culminate in a sprint. But perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to slip into a breakaway that could carry you to the end."

Original article (behind a paywall unfortunately)
Best way to redeem himself after the sickness. Looks a bit leaner/sharper after his altitude camp. Impressive sprint today.

Another one to look for in the Tour. A stage win would be massive.

I think the second weekend has the best opportunities for De Lie, stage 8 is hilly and finishes on an short climb and then the gravel stage should also suit his skillset.
Why cant he win sprints in the upcoming Tour? If he can outmatch Philipsen in topspeed he has every chance to win sprints here? I understand its different approach in sprints in the tour in terms of positions and things of those nature but would it really be a shock if he won a sprint here or am i missing something.