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Teams & Riders Arnaud De Lie is De Truth Discussion Thread

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Belgian champs must have been a hard race as De Lie was basically the only one to rise from the saddle. Started his sprint from nearly 200m out and was not even challenged!
It was a hard race made worse due to the heat (first hot day of the year basically). You could already sense it would be hard by just watching the shorter women race. Kopecky didn't wait until the sprint because the whole peleton faded. She used the race as a thorough training session. She was 4 min ahead of the 2nd and decided to add 60 km more driving home on her bike.
Witchcraft and voodoo, the dark arts of the pro-peloton! Christophe Vandegoor gives his opinion on De Lie at theTour
"The Tour is a huge witchcraft, nothing comparable to a Belgian Championship. The stress, the pressure, the greatness of it.De Lie is also making his debut in a Grand Tour, he has never ridden a Giro or Vuelta. It will require some things from him mentally."

"And sprinting at the Tour is really a fight to the death. De Lie is not afraid of that, certainly not, but he sometimes makes mistakes in terms of positioning, which is normal for a 22-year-old boy. Those small mistakes are immediately punished severely in the Tour. But there are eight sprint opportunities and after a selective stage there are definitely opportunities for De Lie."

Original article at https://sporza.be/nl/2024/06/24/-de...l-kwalitatief-veel-waard-maakt~1719214064946/
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No bad luck. His positioning just before the ultimate sprint is almost always bad. Why is he not guided in this by his team? He himself is not smart enough to realize that he himself always makes mistakes.
Today, two major mistakes. Waiting to long to start the sprint. So, overtaken by one or two riders. Being blocked means having to brake. In principle you have no chance. Nevertheless, he started again...... to try to overtake between the two sprinting riders. Stupîd, stupîd, stupid... Every rider knows that two riders sprinting next to each other tend to lean towards each other. But not De Lie. Which will probably throw away a certain victory.
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Maybe the gravel stage will be better if some of the sprinters are dropped and De Lie has the space to sprint. He's a lot like Milan at last year's Giro, who had enormous speed but often bad positioning at the finish.
I hope next year at the 3 week road race TDF that they add a cyclocross day or 2 and maybe some mountain bike polo or whatever is popular. Maybe if they want to establish the best road bike racers, they should have riders stop at designated areas and do a series of balloon animals.. Cavendish has been practicing..
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HLN - googling translation -
Arnaud De Lie found a finish to his liking in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises: difficult, slightly uphill. The Belgian champion was also well positioned in the final hectometers, but he ended up in the sprint between eventual stage winner Girmay and number two Philipsen. The door didn't open, De Lie couldn't get out.

"I wasn't able to sprint," De Lie lamented after the finish. "I'm really frustrated. The team worked for me all day... Merde. I was trapped and couldn't do anything, just watch the sprint in front of me. I felt really strong. I have no doubt that I had the legs to win today."
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He tried to attack a few times, but I think 9 race days caught up with him and the crazy speed of the start.

He had fun and is learning ...
The Lotto Dstny rider lost control of his bike on a straight stretch of road. He landed on his right knee in the gravel, but quickly got back up. In the end, Lescheret's Bull finished 144th in Troyes, in a big bus.

The damage doesn't seem to be too bad, because afterwards De Lie said in a short reaction to Het Nieuwsblad that he had had fun. "It was fun. I'm here to learn and I had a good laugh," said the 22-year-old rider.

Short video at X video here
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