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Sounds like Lopez might have had some form of relationship with Prof. Marcos Maynar at some point and who was accused of doping athletes some years ago but as he's now being investigated for drug trafficking, somehow Lopez was linked and so stopped and searched at the airport, which would be standard practice for any passport number associated with the Court Case even if simply as a witness. Astana are racing him at Burgos and La Vuelta they say and is now unsuspended.
Michele Gazzoli popped for an AAF at Volta ao Algarve (in Portugal of all places), 1 year ban.

Man the UCI really doesn't like Astana.

Doesn't seem like it because he is very young, but is actually quite a big name to get popped.

Junior European Road race champion.

4th in u23 worlds last year as a teammate of Baroncini, racing on the same (always dodgy) colpack team as Ajuso and Baroncini. Small chance it could get interesting, probably not

But again its a small fish getting announced publicly
Just a young rider not checking on Global Dro buying a nasal spray in my opinion. To result in a non-intentional AAF decision, there has to be an identifiable source of the prohibited substance and as it's claimed for rhinitis, he probably has some medical evidence to support that too, otherwise he would have received the full sanction. Of course, that doesn't mean he didn't know what he was doing and purposely retained the receipt and found an ENT to fake his Rhinitus or the team Dr did, but if it was the team prescribing it, their Doctor would then have to provide his own medical traceability and justification for prescribing a prohibited substance in competition. Besides that, it would be available under TUE anyway if he just did a RAST test etc there and then at the race so no risk of AAF then anyway as a team Dr.
Wait... you're telling me that a guy who tested positive as a rider, then went on to manage Kelme in the early 2000s for several years, and whose son had a sudden breakout aged 31 before failing miserably once on a biopassport team and then tested positive for EPO, who is a cohort of a guy who had a brief career in the mid-2000s with LA-MSS before testing positive... might be suspect?!

The net is there. Maynar was doctor of Fassa Bortolo, moved to Kelme in 2004 where he would have obviously have worked with Belda Sr. Vázquez turned pro in Portugal in 2005, ending up at Maia where he tested positive in 2007, which is what you call "leaving early to avoid the rush". David is at that point on his father's Fuerteventura-Canarias team, gutted by Puerto. Maynar gets a 10 year ban for the LA-MSS bust in 2009.

Will be very interesting to see how quickly he got back in the fold. Belda Jr (the cyclist one) has his breakout in 2014.

The other names I'm seeing bandied about are Luís Vicente, a Portuguese pro from the early 2000s, and perhaps more interestingly Rúben Pereira, who has been a DS at Efapel (the one that is now Glassdrive) since 2012 - so this likely needs cross-post to the "Twilight Zone Called Portugal" thread as well.
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