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Best/favorite TV series ever

Jun 22, 2009
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If there's one thing we all do at some time or another, it's watching tv. Everyone has their own top favorites, either current or historical. Choose shows that you either think are the 'best ever' in their genre, or simply shows that made the deepest impact on you for whatever reason. I suggest a short 1-2-3 in the categories 'Drama' and 'Comedy'. Feel free to elaborate at length about your choices - or not.

Drama –

1. Sopranos

2. The Wire

3. I, Claudius

Hon. mention - Hill Street Blues (because it opened the door to realism)

Comedy –

1. Monty Python


3. Soap
The Wire, obviously :)

There is a lot of really great shows worth mentioning like Deadwood, Carnivale, Rome, 6 ft Under, Mad Men, Justified, Lost before it became one of the worst shows ever...
I also highly recommend Danish series Forbrydelsen. American version [The Killing] bored the sh!t out of me, but Danish one is fantastic.
I also loved Scrubs for couple of seasons. Community is great, as well as It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia [of course, Monty Python is the best one ever]
The first to pop into my mind are The Wire, Twin Peaks, Riget (a Danish freak-show per se), The Simpsons and Monty Python. Quite obvious choices, really.

In Finland there was also "Studio julmahuvi", which made some hilarious mockery of the forms of various television genres including news, infotainment, movies, commercials, etc.

Danish "Klovn" is also quite good. Twisted humour.
Boys From The Black Stuff (1982)


Our Friends In The North (1996)


Honourable mentions to: Chancer, Widows


Belgian channel één's De Ronde (2010) was allegedly brilliant, though I never saw it.
Feb 25, 2010
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L'arriviste said:
Belgian channel één's De Ronde (2010) was allegedly brilliant, though I never saw it.

I thought it was really good, some of my friends didn't like it, some others found it great. It was a bit of a hate it or love it series...

Van Vlees en Bloed also from één, was absolutely epic
Jul 14, 2009
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Pulling is super funny. I hope Andy Whitfield can recover so that Spartacus can continue, I think it's pretty great. I love The Office. Justified is good tv. The Good Wife is also a show that I have tried to resist but still I find myself watching it. Brotherhood and The Tudors are both available thru Amazon prime for free.
Jul 20, 2011
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rickshaw said:
The Mighty Boosh

any other boosh fans out there?

I too love the chosen one, as loving him is so much fun.

only ever seem to find Brits who like the Boosh.

I am also a big fan of Psychoville, comedy and emotion. quality viewing

Peep show is worth watching as well.

but best ever has to be Hong Kong Phooey
It brings sadness to my heart to see so few people were introduced to The Shield.

To those of you who have not seen it, it was a 7 year series (2002 - 2008) which focused around a police anti gang task force which uses its status to become the most powerful gang in the city (eg push drugs, kill and torture enemies, does heists, money laundering, kill fellow cops etc)

As enemies from all sides try to bring them down, they use both their street and police personalities, and ruthlessness to try to survive and hold onto power.

how they operate

Oh and it had an awesome theme tune


A truly epic show.
Mar 18, 2009
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- Cheers
- That 70s Show
- Two and a Half Men
- How I Met Your Mother
- Big Bang Theory

- The Killing
- Underbelly
- The Wire
- Band of Brothers
- CSI (oirignal and NY)
- ER