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May 6, 2021
Hi there I recently ruptured my ACL ligament while skiing, the physiotherapist I’m with is recommending bicycling as a low impact form of building my other muscles up around my knee to compensate for not having a ligament a more. I’m pretty unfit, and haven’t exercised for a couple of years, but that’s all going to have to change. For a period a couple of years ago, I did a bit of, “beginner stage” running, I used a training type podcast (Beginner’s guide to running podcast) They were essentially “Workout routine podcasts” 8 half hour episodes. The guy on the podcast stays with you through your training session, gives you instructions at the beginning and end and plays a bit of house music in between. As I said it was all entry-level stuff, however it was very good. I’m really looking for something the same, but for bicycling, a kind of podcast trainer session. All the podcasts I’ve found so far in this area, are people discussing topics around cycling and not really a training session where you have someone on the podcast teaching you what to do. That’s really what I need and am looking for does anybody have any suggestions for me, I would be really appreciative. Kind regards Ginlane
I can't help you find the podcast that you are looking for, but I will offer suggestions:

Don't have ear buds in if you are on a road bike. You need to have all of your senses working 100% to be aware of the metal boxes that want to kill you. I would also suggest not having earbuds in on the dirt because there are so many great sounds to hear.

Since you are just getting into cycling, just try to enjoy the ride without someone in your ear telling you how to ride. Let your body tell you how hard/easy to ride. Maybe you'll get to a point where you'll want/need a 'coach', or maybe not.

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