Bike Fitting tool with an app ?

Hi all,

Is there a bike fitting tool that is tied to an "android/iphone" app that a customer can see their direct measurements after the fitting is done ? I am aware of fitting systems that can send an email with measurements. But I'm thinking of a more polished "pretty" app that shows the cyclists' customer's measurements that they can have and keep and when and if they want to tweak at a later date, they just have to login and show their last fitting of what was done ? I hope that kinda makes sense ?

thanks for your suggestions

Nov 14, 2022
Bike Fast Fit Elite is a powerful bike fitting app designed to improve your riding comfort and power. Using sophisticated video analysis, Bike Fast Fit Elite provides insight into your cycling movement and body position by building a dynamic wire frame model over dots placed on your body. Mi Ocado Login

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