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Bike Size (going from a 60 to a 58)

Jul 16, 2009
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I have a super lead on a super cheap bike but it is a 58 and I usually ride a 60. I am 6'2. I test road it and looked at the following measurements compared to my existing bike measurements (which fit me like a glove). The differences were this:

Bottom Bracket Axle to Seat:
Old Bike- 80cm
New Bike - 78cm
Top of Tire to Handle Bar:
Old Bike - 28cm
New Bike - 26cm
Handlebar to Sit Bone on Seat
Old Bike - 32.5
New Bike - 32.5

My thinking is that I can raise the seatpost another 2cm, and get a sloping stem that raises the handlebars another 2cm, and the bike will "fit", even if the seatpost is fairly high out of the frame. My question is this: all things being equal, how will adjusting the bike by these two items affect the ride? I know that there are a lot of things that go into how a bike rides, but I'm looking for some general pointers here.

the key measurement you have here is the handle bar to seat measurment, this is the same on both bikes, which means that the 58cm fits you just as well as the 60cm, lift the seat height by 2cm and stretch regulary to increase flexibility in your lower back/hamstrings and you should be fine.
Mar 19, 2009
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whats the difference in height between top of the seat to top of your handle bars?
what about reach? tip of seat to centre line of bars?

i'm about your height and just went from a 56 - 60 and am much more comfortable on the 56 - felt too compact on the 60.

if your happy with your 60 stay with it, the $$ ain't worth the discomfort.
Jul 3, 2009
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Take the following measurements from your old bike and if you can repeat them on the new bike it will be ok.

1. Measure saddle set-back(how far the tip of your saddle is behind the bottom bracket) by dropping a plumb line from the tip of your saddle and measure how far from the centre of the bottom bracket it is.

2.Measure your saddle height: from the center of the bottom bracket to the centre of you saddle.

3.Measure saddle to handle bar distance(tip of saddle to centre of handlebars.

4.Measure difference in saddle height from groud to handle bar height from ground.#

I'm 6"4' and ride a 60cm frame but have rode frames of 57cm because the geometery suited(sloping I ride a 55.5cm Giant)
Jun 16, 2009
The important measurement is the effective top tube length. I'm 6'2" and ride a 58cm bike, but I'm all legs and not much torso so I feel better showing a lot of seat post on a 58 than I do riding a 60. If you've got a long torso compared to your legs you'll require a longer stem so you don't feel 'cramped' in the cockpit.

Remember that the stickers on the frame are quite arbitrary and one manufacturer's 60cm might actually be smaller than another manufacturer's 58.

I guess the main thing to do is test ride the 58 again, but with your seat at the right height, then you'll have a better idea of what's going on. Test riding with the seat an inch too low is a pretty pointless exercise.
Mar 10, 2009
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acitarella said:
Why would my neck and back be in pain after 35 miles if the measurements I listed are the same as my current bike?


I've done what you are attempting. Longer stem, Higher seat, stem risers, seat adjustment, but it just don't work. It's like trying to stretch a pair of shoes that are too small: They feel ok when you begin wearing them but after a short while time you're going to have blisters and black toenails. If you are serious rider, get a bike that fits. It's the first and most important thing to do when purchasing a bike. I've used the Giant thing of 3 sizes fits all and I've tried two of those. Never quite right no matter the tweaking. Have a 56 Solist. Almost, but not perfect. Neck and shoulder pain after three hours or so. Got a 58 CAAD9. Perfect. Shop owners will tell you what you want to hear for sales. Stay away from the tweaking to fit schemes. it ain't worth the hassle.