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Jun 16, 2009
Yesterday I wrote a bunch of letters/emails (via the airline contact links) to all the major US airlines telling each of them that I will not be flying their airlines until they change their bike carrying charges. All American companies charge $150 each way for a bike even if you don't have any other baggage to check in. Depending on where you're flying to, that could be a significant chunk if not more than your ticket. In contrast, British Airways and Air Canada (for example) count a bike as a piece of luggage, so if you don't exceed your allowance, you don't pay extra. I could understand a small extra charge of say $50, because often bikes need a baggage handler to come and get it as they are too big and/or fragile to go on a conveyor belt.

I'd suggest you do the same by contacting as many airlines (and at least your home one if it charges a ridiculous fee) to change these ridiculous fees. At the very least they'll reconsider their policy. I received a response from Delta already apologizing and saying they sent my comment to the corporate marketing leadership team.

Other airlines:
KLM, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Finn Air - 100Euro or $150 if flying from/to US
Iberia - $150
SAS - 70Euro or $95
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Aug 30, 2013
airline baggage

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