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Bobke: Cycling is light years ahead of other sports on anti-doping

Jun 19, 2009
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Ninety5rpm said:
http://www.versus.com/cycling/videos/bob-rolls-beef-anti-doping/ (only 1:35)

Bobke's hypothesis is based on the implicit assumption that relatively (compared to most other sports) strict enforcement of the kind used in cycling is an effective anti-doping measure.

Another hypothesis is that such efforts simply raise the bar and cause the doping to be more sophisticated, or, in his words, "light years ahead". :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Based on what Bob knows I'd go with the second hypothesis. He doesn't go deep enough to suggest that the relative sophistication between sports could be huge or that federations can be bought. That federations can be bought is always possible.


Cycling's anti-doping is certainly much more stringent than any US sports. US sports do just enough to make it look like they are fighting it including throwing some of their own under the bus. But overall, US sports are still juiced and limited in their testing compared to cycling.

How many players are tested right after winning a baseball game? :p