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Borut Božič Interview Update

Borut Božič Interview Update

Hi Everyone!

Some months ago you'll remember that I solicited feedback on topics to discuss with Borut Božič of Vacansoleil.

Well, though the piece was delayed longer than I expected (to keep it from getting lost in the media storm around the Landis Allegations, and then the Tour), I'm happy to report that I has been edited and will be published online on SUNDAY!

Once the piece has gone live, I'll stop back w/ a URL - but if someone beats me to it - no problemo!

The interview won't be appearing on cyclingnews.com, but will appear on another widely-read site.

I think you'll find BB's answers to be interesting and illuminating. I was able to ask most of your questions, in one form or another, and found that process of surveying the readership before going to the subject to be a great way to test the market for the piece and find out what people are interested in.

I still think this is going to be the first comprehensive interview w/ BB to appear in English, so if someone wants to use the answers to build-out his Wikipedia page, please feel free to.

Thanks for everyone who had suggestions on what to ask BB!
BB Interview Published

Everything you wanted to know about BB, and which you asked!


Fan Club

craig1985 said:
Thanks Joe :)

My pleasure. Thanks to everyone who took the time to suggest questions and express their interest back in the spring.

If you like when you read and want to learn more, be sure to visit the Vacansoleil Fan Club - and let them know that Borut Bozic drew you to the site!


And proof that pro cyclists are just like you (except w/ bigger engines):

Climbs - which one have you found hardest?
"The most challenging climb was the Passo dello Stelvio in Italy; I was so happy about reaching the top that I forgot to check how long it took me." :D

Good interview.

I don't remember when I first heard of Bozic, I think it was in 2004 or 2005, probably thanks to an unofficial patch for Eurotour Cycling, or maybe it was when I read the results of the 2004 Tour of Slovenia, anyway, I decided I liked his name and that I should keep an eye on him (that's ultimately how I pick all my favourite riders). I kind of lost track oh him for a few years, though, and last year came as a surprise.