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Botero Olympic champion in Singapore today


Jun 16, 2009
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The Antioquia Jonathan Botero on Tuesday picked up a huge victory in Tampines Bike Park he won the gold medal in the MTB comp. of the Youth Olympic Games, that are for 4 days held in the capital of Singapore. The mens race was held over 21.7 miles.


Botero obtuvo una gran victoria en los JJOO para la juventud de Singapur

Men Top 3 medals G/S/B :

1. Jonathan Botero - COL 58'42''
2. Andrea Righettini - ITA + 47''
3. Laurens Sweeck - BEL + 1'19''

Ladies Top 3 medals G/S/B :

1. Karolina Kalasova - CZE 46'58''
2. Linda Indergand - SUI + 08''
3. Kristina Laforge - CAN + 2'24''