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Budget Cap in Cycling, Good Idea or Not?

Some sports have a team budget cap as a way to spread the talent around the around and prevent one team from being so stacked with good players that other teams are not competitive. Would such a scheme work for cycling or are there other solutions?
Jun 13, 2009
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I think cycling is lucky to have a natural balance, by its nature it’s no point stacking a team with more than a couple of stars in each discipline. Circumstances are going to dictate that once you can afford a couple of genuine podium getters, then the likelihood of another wanting to join your team are slim. Much better pickings racing against your stars from another team.

Sports like F1 are trying to introduce budget caps to entice and retain teams, things were looking perilous for them going into this year and if they don’t react the grid could be halved if they aren’t careful. I don’t think cycling has that problem, the entry barriers are much less, pretty much it’s organize some sponsorship and away you go, and compared to some other popular global sports it’s much less.

Team sports like Rugby, Football, etc use salary caps or drafts as a performance equalizer but that’s a different kettle of fish. That’s one whole team playing against another team, not individuals within a team compete ting for a win.

So, no. I think cycling has its team structures and technical (the bikes) rules pretty well sorted.