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campagnolo athena 11 speed

Nov 6, 2009
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anybody have this groupset?

im looking at getting a ribble bike with this groupset instead of ultegra,

the only thing is i havent actually seen athena in the flesh, and with it being fairly new, there's not an awful lot of info around about it

any replies would be greatly appreciated lads
May 3, 2010
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Campy 11 sp Athena

Hi, I bought this complete groupset in September last year for my training bike. I have 11 sp Chorus on my other bike, so wanted both compatibility and also the same action etc etc. I received the carbon crankset, rather than alloy, when it arrived (an accident by the supplier as I didn't pay the difference!).

For me it was hard to tell the difference between it and the Chorus. Finishes etc are as good, it is a whisker heavier but for me negligible compared to the weight on my gut. The lever changes are perhaps a little less crisp and it may not have the same longevity (don't knobout this) but overall I have been really happy with it.

I sold the bike last month (financial reasons) and the guy that bought it from was a Shimano fan previously but he commented on how good the Athena looked and how well it worked.