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Cancel Culture Hits Professional Cycling

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Jun 6, 2020
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I just read the article regarding Chloe Dygert and her social media faux pas. It seems she was forced to acquiesce to the thought and speech police that have invaded sport. It appears that having an independent thought or idea that does not agree with the prevailing ideas of the brainwashed people in power is no longer allowed in the "free world." Were you offended? Poor baby! Maybe you should see a therapist to help you through it. It seems to me the woman was simply expressing an opinion, and whether you or I agree with it or not, she should be able to express it freely. It was an opinion that was outside her sport and her team so why do you care. Are you suffering from "intolerance fragility?" I bet you weren't bothered by the behavior of Colin Kaepernick when he did what he did. You probably cried out, "Free speech." He was blatant about it too. Ms Dygert simply liked someone's tweet. I seems to me that the bulk of progressive thought is actually regressive - back to a time when we had no freedom and everyone had to think, and speak, and do what the imperial leader decreed.

I don't know Ms Dygert or anything about her. But I do know she has a right to "like" what she chooses on social media or anywhere else without fear of retribution or having her career threatened. Voicing an opposing opinion is fine and should even be encouraged; but making it necessary for her to deliver a public apology to keep her job is totalitarian and nothing less.
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