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Jun 4, 2010
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oh two world championships, mutliple grand tour stage wins, i dont see the harm in a story about his childhood, and where he is now...

to be honest, his biography was aimed at the british public, and yes is cashing in on his popularity, but also british cycling is trying to push forward, bring more kids into the sport, and start building something really special.. the track team are superb, and there are some damn good teenagers, and now kids coming through in the track team.. we have the riders to dominate that discipline for years, and now they want to start on the road..

i actuallty think its good for the kids to have someone they can identify with, someone whos story is relevant and current, who they can read about, read his biography, and think, i could be mark cavendish in ten years... its no good them reading about anquetil, or robert miller, or somebody they cant associate with, that doesnt inspire them.. they can associate with mark, the skally, the petty troublemaker, they know about the music he talks about, the places hes been.. they can associate it and dream to be him, in the same way they dream about being beckham, or micheal owen, or steven gerrard.. they dont aspire to be franz beckenbaur, or peter shilton...

wouldnt surprise me if he wasnt "encouraged" to put it out.. i know just from talking to the wife, there are kids at her school who know all about mark, something unthought of five years ago.. when she came back from the tour prologue a few years ago the kids where all pestering her constantly to hear about it.. if his biography appeals to the public and the kids and gets them thinking they can do it, im all for it..