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Teams & Riders Chris Froome Discussion Thread.

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Is Froome over the hill?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 32 32.3%
  • No, the GC finished 40 minutes ago but Froomie is still climbing it

    Votes: 57 57.6%
  • No he is totally winning the Vuelta

    Votes: 22 22.2%

  • Total voters
OMG, the team makes the same mistake again! Chris was saving all his matches for the Tour (therefore a subdued ride at the Dauphine) and was just about to peak. A battle royale between 3 TdF winners was brutally taken away from us. He should change teams and become a proper, respected leader next year. There's still hope: Papa Horner was almost 42 when he won Vuelta'13.
This smacks of ageism!