Chris Horner is torching knuckleheads and murdering everyone's name

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Great breakdown of yesterday's finish. I learn a ton from this guy.
And all the obstacles and dangers in yesterday's finish - ridiculous!!
Have to say its just part of the scenery when I'm watching the race but when you see it the way he presents it, man so scary
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Oct 6, 2020
The analysis is fine, but the delivery is exhausting. Somehow he thinks its best to put all 15 minutes into one long sentence where he is not allowed to make a pause or change the tempo, volume or intonation. I understand that he tries to be energetic as a contrast to many sleepy commentators in the sport, but it has the same effect on me.
my favorite Horner story wasn't actually from him, it was from an interview with the former assistant DS for Mercury Viatel (Whit Yost) who was hired as assistant DS at the age of 24, and recounted Horner teaching him how to do a proper sticky bottle

I remember Chris Horner, Gord Fraser, Henk Vogels literally sort of teaching me on the job. You know, Horner coming back for a bottle and saying, “No, no, no – put your elbow here. Hit the accelerator just as I’m about to take it. Now I’m going to hold on…” Sort of coaching me through it as we went.