Colnago super 1995 value

Mar 4, 2020
Hi all,

I'm brand new here as I'm not a cycling enthusiasts (heresy here, I'm sure), but I have a question, so I thought I'd ask the experts. I hope I'm in the right section and that I follow the rules.

In a nutshell, my dad died recently and, unlike me, he really was into his cycling. As such I now own a size 54 Colnago super from 1995. While I would love to ride it and possibly even get to know my dad a little better through it, it is simply too small for me. Plus, I travel a lot and I'm about to leave the country for a while anyway.

I didn't really know my dad and I have essentially never even seen the bike before so it holds no sentimental value and essentially I am going to sell it on. I hope that doesn't sound too cold-hearted of me, but if you knew my dad you'd understand.

Long story short I was wondering if anyone here could give me any idea of how much its worth. I will probably stick it on ebay unless anybody here has a better idea. I'll attach some pics (link below), but FWIW the bike is in good condition with a couple of tiny paint chips and the chrome could do with a few rust spots removing (I will possibly even do this my self it will increase the resale value for just a little elbow grease). Otherwise its in very good condition.