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Course Design: Fun vs. Hard?

Jul 25, 2011
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Locally, we have about 8 races a year. We are thankful to people who put them on because we know how difficult it is, but there seems to be a culture developing to make the courses unbelievably hard with very little in the way of fun, flowy design. I shot this video at our local Sandy Point race, which uses a postage stamp sized park. This is the "good-times-fun-event" video I shot to promote and get people out...but it shows how long and miserable the course is. 0% dirt, and 60 corners of 180 degrees. Take a peek.

Compared to the Hood River Double Cross course I raced a couple weeks earlier, this was miserable. The course itself was just not fun. No speed, all max effort, no flowy-fun parts.


It's hard to get motivated to go out to these when we know that the designers are trying to create a suffer course.

The questions:

1) When we're happy to have events at all, how can our courses be more fun?
2) Do you race courses where the designers try and make them miserable?
3) Would I complain less if I did better on these course? :)

Thanks for the thoughts.