CPAP machines

What are they?
They're used for sleep apnea where you have to wear a mask overnight, it delivers a steady airflow. Some of the machines come with humidifiers so your airway doesn't get all dried out... an elderly client of mine had to wear one, I don't even know how he got used to wearing the mask.
ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet Machine & Humidifier |

I don't see how it would be beneficial as a PED, it's really only meant to keep your airway open while you're sleeping.
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I think just improves sleep quality for athletes with sleep apnea, so your recovery/rest is improved? Can't see how it would help an athlete without sleep apnea?
Yes, if an athlete truly suffers of sleep apnea I can see where the CPAP would be beneficial just for a good night's rest. But if s/he doesn't wearing the mask all night might prove to be more of an unnecessary pain in the arse than anything.