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Critérium du Dauphiné 2024, June 2 - 9

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I hope this puts an end to the myth that Roglic and Evenepoel can realistically compete with Pogi and Vingegaard. Yes, neither of them will have ideal prep, but the gap is just too big

Or maybe you can just let people watch the bike race & what will happen, will happen. If history was known, the bookmakers would already be paying out, right?

And in the hierarchy of things I'm concerned about in the Tour, a duel with Pog (as a Rog fan) is pretty low tbh. The first concern will always be crashes & other problems (mechanicals as well).
Aren't we all? ;)

I would imagine we are all worse than Pogačar riding a bike but Jorgenson has the ability to win both top level stage races and a cobbled classic like Dwars door Vlaanderen hence he is closer to Pogačar than us mere mortals.

Rodriguez winning the last stage of the Dauphiné just like he had done in Itzulia, his recovery seems to be one of his strongest assets together with his ability in stages with a lot of evelation gain, he will be challenging for the Tour podium.
I think this will be a good Tour. Rog and Remco will improve in the next 3 weeks. Sepp will step into the phone booth and emerge as the intrepid superhero GC Kuss. Jorgi will continue his stratospheric ascension. Rodriguez has the confidence he needs now. Vingo may yet emerge from the bacta tank with renewed strength.

Pog has challengers. And he's coming off a tough Giro. I remain optimistic for a good show in July.
Dr. Pangloss
Interesting race till the end. If Roglic would've stomped today people would be saying we have a Tour race on our hands, but now we will have to wonder until the Tour too see in what form Roglic, Evenepoel and Vingegaard end up.

I'm not going to pretend I know what any of these guys are thinking but I assume this is exactly not what Pog is thinking right now. If I was to guess I'd say Pog will be thinking about his own form, how the team will work together & also studying potential traps on the road.

There's no way these riders sit back with their feet up watching their rivals racing whilst thinking "Yup... these dudes are suckage incarnate I'll torch them!"
Of course they don't think like that. But if you don't think they look at the contenders and smile inside when they see something like this it is very naïve. These riders are winners and killers and they love any advantage they can have. I have seen a lot of them throughout my life to know how these riders behave. But if you ask them they will say the right things and trying to be nice in front of the cameras.

Anyway, I hope for a great Tour so I expect Roglic to be a bit better there. Remco has to improve a lot more than Roglic. I saw him yesterday and he looks a bit chunky for the Tour. He looks like a bulldog. He has less time to improve so I doubt it. But he can be a great animator. And who knows, maybe determine the outcome of the race!!!
This race didn't tell me a lot about how the Tour will unfold. Sure, under normal circumstances, Pog and Ving are a step above but we already knew that and these aren't normal circumstances. We could see Pog start strong and fade in the final week. Ving may not even start and who knows what kind of form he'll have if he does. He could struggle early and come good later in the race when it's too late. Rog and Remco both crashed (Rog twice) and are peaking for a few weeks from now so I have no doubt both will improve.

I really have no idea how it's going to play out. All of the crashes this year and Pog's Giro decision really have thrown everthing into chaos. You'd still have to assume that someone from that foursome will win but I would not be completely shocked if there was a surprise winner with the way this year has unfolded. All I can say for certain is it will be a "what if" year no matter who wins.
If Roglič wins Tour de France this year will you change your opinion?
Gotta laugh that some bizarre categories about first and second tier riders and the line between the best and second class can't be clearly drawn! Sepp Kuss considered by many was second tier, and obviously that was the mindset for Remco , he thought he knew the line and lost the Vuelta, Vingegaard crashing didn't redraw or erase the line and all the talk about Pogacar steamroller is based on great rides by him under zero pressure. TDF is going to have 2 or 3 surprises for sure and not much talk about UAE being banged up right when you need to be healthy. Would look like Matteo Jogenson gives Visma another quality hand to play.. Bora may have a surprise.. Don't know if Israel has any strong cards to play. And Ineos is due..Roglic is smarter than he is strong
Roglic is the only rider with the ability to provide great emotions by either winning great, losing by crashing, crashing & winning & winning by the wire margin - altogether in one race :smilecat:
congrats to Primoz & hoping he'll improve heading towards le Tour.

also big congrats to Jorgenson - great performance & skyrocketing improvement going his way. very promising future for him