CRO Race 2023, Croatia, September 26 - October 1

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Mohoric showing he can go uphill nearly as well as down hill. As was pointed out how the heck could Kristoff, come in the same time as Onley who's half his weight and age? Some late season strange results.
Be interesting to see how the GC pans out.

Finally Aular got his big win! Couldn’t be happier for the man. Noticed him in Pais Vasco of 2022 or so, when he finished tough stages against world class competition in circa 5th rank.

What a great week for Caja Rural this has been! Three victories already. Unbelievable. They hardly ever win - and now this, end of September. Well deserved! :)
Campbell Stewart wins the stage ahead of Kristoff but Aular wins GC despite the crash (the biggest win of his career).

Terrible course this year, only one interesting stage, hope that they bring better stages for the next editions.
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