Curling: a positive at Vancouver Olympic !

Jul 19, 2009
Even curling ...that is a member of the paraolympic team of Sweden for beta-bloquant !
Jul 13, 2009
Oh, that's a relief. For a moment I thought my heroine had disappointed me.

I always knew this sport was totally hardcore. It coming out in the open that doping is a factor now, will only draw me to the TV set more loyally to yell my favorates towards greater victories.
If only my physical abilities went beyond the standard stuff, racing mountainbikes and skis, to accurately and decidedly throw a stone, or handle a broom, my life would have looked that much brighter.
I gave it a real try for a few years at the local curling team. I had to quit thatm when they kept making fun of my brooming cadance. They said I was too slow. In my opinion, I compensated by applying more force, and I got the job done that they. However, they weren't impressed.
Perhaps I should have been less worried on my health, and just go for the medicine I know would have made me a faster broomer. To become at least "lower average" in a sport with such a deep top level.
I may have retired from the sport permanently, but I'll never cease dreaming of the perfect strike out. One last stone, 3 points behind, and turn it into a 3 point score. In my heart I know I have it in me. I've done it in practice, even with slow ice and no broomers to help me. Oh well, sports were never meant to be fair, especially not a hardcore one like curling.
Guess I'll just do a triathlon after work today, to lessen the feeling of inadeqacy. I just didn't have the heart to dope...
Oct 27, 2009
Yet another sport which benefits from Altitude training. I'm serious, you gotta be at LT with your broom or YOU ARE OUT! If you don't have a 12kg broom and generate 126 positive sweeps per minute- at a minimum, you will never make it. I know, I trained with monks in the Himalayas. It was hell on Earth!:eek:
Mar 19, 2009
The beta blocker metoprolol was for his blood pressure. Too bad his doc wasnt aware of his curling drug tests. The guy must really be upset. Probably doesnt have a case against the doc though since its his own responsibility to know what he's taking.
Mar 18, 2009
That's what happens to the millions of little girls growing up, sweeping the floor of their rooms, dreaming of one day being international curling superstars.

They'll stop at nothing to achieve it. Their own health doesn't matter to them, and neither does anyone else. They'll do whatever it takes.
Little girls are evil. EVIL I TELL YOU.