Question Cycling clothes for road biking n00b?

Dec 26, 2019
I've been bike commuting and touring for the last several years, so I'm not new to biking. For these purposes I generally wear plain street clothes or general-purpose athletic gear and that has worked well enough. However, I got my first nice carbon fiber road bike a few weeks ago and I feel a bit silly riding around in chinos, hiking shorts, or a running pullover, plus I suspect I'm missing some of the enjoyment to be had from using proper clothing. Can anyone suggest some affordable basics to get me started into real cycling clothes?
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If you bought your bike at a bike shop then pick their brains and try on a few things. You can save money by buying online, but supporting my LBS is important to me so I rarely do. A good chamois will do wonders for your riding enjoyment. If you don't like the tighty look, you can get 'less baggy' baggies. I encourage wearing a helmet as well. Other things will depend on the range of weather you have or intend to ride in. Cold weather gear makes the difference between fun and miserable.

FYI: The title of your post indicates that it should be in road biking, not mountain biking, but the basic clothing is the same.
May 28, 2021
Well, if you're a beginner, you won't need any unique cycling clothes, lol. As jmdirt said, buying online makes a lot of sense in terms of money. I think that you are very worried about clothes, ride in what you are comfortable in. In addition, professional equipment makes sense only when you are engaged in this sport professionally. In other cases, this is a pointless waste of money. For example, I buy my own clothes in online store. Also, in the same clothes, I ride a bike without any problems.
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