Question Cycling everyday in the mountains

Aug 3, 2020
I'm 67 years old, and live in the Appalachian mountains. I like to do 15-25 miles in the morning before breakfast. My loops have anywhere between 1,000 to 2,100 ft. elevation change. Should I rest a day between rides?
Aug 25, 2020
Listen to your body and doctor. If you’re tired and fatigued probably. It also totally depends on the level of your effort each day. It could also be that you don’t need any days off if the ride is moderate or easy.
In my experience, unless he has a particular health issue, the last person to give advice is a Doctor.
If you feel okay with it Dcurt then it is probably fine, I suppose it depends somewhat on your past life and any underlying health issues, but your age in itself is no reason for concern, there are plenty out there doing much much more than that who are older then yourself, though are fit and healthy.
However at least one day off a week would probably be a good idea, if you feel fatigued then take a rest day and keep it fun.
You may be asking the wrong people. Ask Yourself. Cyclists are more often very well in-tune with themselves and it is You, who You must ask.

I'm not familiar with mountains 1,000' to 2,100', as I live at 9,100' (Colorado HIGH Country) and ride when I want which ranges from 3 to 7 days a week, however, I've honestly been slipping in more fly fishing and cycling a little less.

& I'm 64.

I've experienced freakish hills in Missouri, which changes everything!

Just did a couple of rides attempting to keep up with kids (You know, 30 something's), while there is (wild fire) smoke in the air & at the moment, I believe I would have been wiser to display more self discipline which is not My nature but next ride I'm going to give smoke a breather. Today and the last couple, I believe I notice the air quality effecting My body...

Have a discussion with the person You know best & ride when You want.