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Cycling in Norway

Aug 5, 2010
Visit site

I did a Norway tour, from the southernmost lighthouse in Norway to the northern most lighthouse in Norway, 2 814 km, mostly on the bike. The norhernmost lighthouse in Norway is also the northernmost in Europe and in the world on mainland (not an island).

I used a TREK madone 5.5 and Bontranger wheel and tubes, Continental tire, and did not have any problems at all with my bike, not even a flat tire.

I have made an internet site with a postcard from each of these 12 days (I did days of almost 300 km (19 miles). ;) Mostly I did approximately 200 km a day.
On this internet site you may have a look at YouTube videoes from each day, and share my experience. I also included some advice if you are planning to bike Norway (like tunnels, roads e.t.c.).

Have a look at www.lindesnes-slettnes.no

Best regards Lasse Meholm, Norway:)