Cycling with anxiety

Jul 24, 2020
Hi all,

I've been cycling couple times a week for few years now. Before that I was into running.
Being an anxious person, i've been sometimes strugling to complete rides, especially when cycling uphill.
Having elevated heart rate during rides, associates me with a panick attack, and suddenly my breathing becomes shallow, my legs are getting weak... a typical panic attack symptoms. My mind says that when I raise my heart rate, something bad is going to happen ex me dying.
I admire the people that go past me on the ride, most of them riding at their maximum, while I strugle with the attacks.
My question I guess is, is there a danger of getting a heart attack while riding? Is it safe to push harder at some points?
I know it sounds crazy, knowing that the heart is a muscle, and the more you exercise, the stronger it gets.
Cycling seems to be one of the best cardiovascular exercises, but still I strugle to accept the fact that while cycling I do good for my health, and not put myself in danger.
If you do not have any physical conditions that make you 'at risk' for a heart attack, then elevated heart rate AEROBIC exercise should be fine. Do not force yourself to continue exercise if you become 'dazed' or you are not fully aware of the conditions around you, or you have difficulty controlling your motion.

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On training you shouldn't go extremely high with your heart rate. Regular training in a pace you can handle is more important. You could ask a doctor how high your heart rate can go without being unhealthy. It's different for each individual, depending on age, genetics, previous training, lifestyle etc. Cycling is very healthy as long as you don't go over your limit.
Oct 15, 2020
To be honest, cycling used to be the best solution against anxiety for myself. As I said, it used to be, until the pandemic dropped in. I started to go out cycling every single day since the pandemic dropped, so it just does not help me anymore against anxiety. I guess most of us have dealt with incredible anxiety levels throughout the last year, how did you guys actually treat it?! Honestly, I tried a lot of things, nothing helped me besides kratom. I found some kratom extracts for sale back in november and I decided to give it a try, and it actually helped me.
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