Cyclingforfun starts new season

Nov 13, 2011
Cyclingforfun - Online Cycling Manager game

Do you like cycling? Or do you like team management? If so, you'll love Cyclingforfun!!!! In this totally free game, you can promote riders, hire staff, make transfers, buy equipment, and decide race tactics...

We have two races every day from Monday to Saturday twice a day, for 12 races a week. You can race in as many or as few races as you like. Moreover the National Teams compete once a week.

The season takes 10 weeks and has 118 stages, consisting of 3 major tours (Giro, TdF, Vuelta) with 10 stages each, 7 minor tours (Paris-Nice, Tirreno-Adriatico, Switzerland, Deutschland, Dauphine-Libere, Eneco of Benelux, volta a Portugal) with 5 stages each, and 53 individual classics (Flanders,.Paris-Roubaix, Milano-San Remo, Amstel Gold, etc).

We have information in multiple languages (Dutch, English, Spanish, Danish....) or you can ask in the forum (every country has his own section in the forum). New languages are becoming available as user demand increases.

At the end of every season, the best teams promote to a higher division. Can you make it to Division 1? Can you train the best cyclists? Can you become the best manager in CFF?

There's only one way to find out. If you like cycling, You'll love our game.

What are you waiting for? Don't hesitate, join now!

Nov 13, 2011
The game has change in many ways but in my opinion to the best. I believe you will like it too.

As a headlines, I can tell you these changes:

-New available options for tactics. There are 5 sections but you can use more efforts.
-Sponsorship to achieve goals
-New schedule, with different levels of races and tours.There are 118 stages and we compete twice a day.
-Improved Draft. 4 chances along the season
-Team shops
-Staff with skills
-Users achievements.
-Possibility to challenge with other users.
-New equipment,improving along the season.
-New options and historical statistics for teams and riders.New graphic design

And many others :p
Oct 5, 2011

Well, thanks to all our users we can add new features.

In next season we will add U21 and U23 NT in every country and a Cup that gives to all teams opportunity to win to other team in one versus one in a single stage of all our database ( more than 300 races).
It will be 10 rounds until you arrive to the final round. Best 1024 teams can play our Cff-cup
Nov 13, 2011
Today has started the fifth season:

- Since now you can make a new team and enjoy the whole season.
- Since now you can compete in the CFF cup after two editions on trial.
-Since now there are 3 national teams. Absolute, Under 23 and Under 21


CFF Cup: next Sunday is the first round.
NT races: next Sunday is the first race.
League: next Monday is the first stage.

Good luck everybody!
Nov 13, 2011
Some new features have been added, including a French translation.

Now you can play the game in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish or Hungarian.
The Cycling for Fun game is being relaunched, with a new calendar, faster training for young cyclists, and shorter seasons. It is already a great game, but will now be even better!

The new game is open for registration at The first race of the inaugural season for the new game will occur on March 25th. All teams will start from scratch, so new players won't face any disadvantage compared to experienced players. There is also a friendly community on the game discussion boards and people are always happy to answer new players' questions or mentor them.

I have been playing this game for years and highly recommend it. It doesn't have fancy graphics, but the underlying game is quite sophisticated and allows players to adopt a variety of strategies. You can choose the specializations of your riders, plan their training program, set the race schedules for your riders, and set tactics for each race. It is a lot of fun; you should give it a try.
I played a lot of seasons (both in the first and second edition of the game) and finished in first division, but I simply couldn't keep the interest going for that many years. But I recommend it for new players, that like some strategy.
Signed up and am playing it. So far have realized that I've definitely missed some races due to work and other things going on. Definitely interesting game. Learning as I play and definitely don't sure I understand the finances, but that will come eventually. Nice part is my boys are doing ok without having hired any staff, which I just did hire two staff members, hopefully that helps a little.