Cyclo-cross as a Winter Olympic Sport

Greetings, fellow cyclo-cross fans.
I have been watching a lot of cyclo-cross racing this year and it has occurred to me that it would fit in very well with the winter Olympics.
Question is why has this not happened (qm)
I am curious to know if the IOC has been approached in the past to include the sport on the list that includes silly sports like, say, Skeleton. Seriously, who grows up wanting to be a skeleton racer (qm) We could go on and on about the silly winter Olympic sports, but it seems to me that cyclo-cross would be an awesome addition.
We all know that pretty much everyone can lay face down and toboggan down an icy track. All it takes is will to slide down faster than your opponent.
Cyclo-cross is an actual measure of skill and strength.
Come on, fellow cyclo-cross fans. Let s make this happen.
Aug 2, 2012
errrr.............i don't think so

i live in area unsuited to winter olympic sport......hope it stays that way

whatever next?...wiggo thinking he's a ski jumper..............jamaicans thinking they

are the best at bob sleighing...................


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