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Dan Martin wants YOU!

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Hey folks, do you want to become a cycling journalist? No, CN isn't offering you a position, but a real-live honest-to-God pro is! Check this out:

"In the coming weeks, Dan Martin's (Team Garmin) official website will become active with daily news updates at : http://www.dan-martin.org

For this to happen, we are looking for volunteers to:

1. Update the site with short articles including race preview/results/reports,
status information...

They should be passionate about cycling, know how to write, and enjoy being part of a select group of hard workers. If you can speak French it would be a bonus.

2. Have a knowledge of technology so that they can record races from TV/internet with the aim of creating a video/montage on the site."

If you are interested, get in touch with Dan at:
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