Davide Rebellin thread

I can't believe this absolute legend hasn't got his own thread.

Grandpa Rebellin is currently riding his 26th season as a professional cyclist (would be 27 if not for the ban that kept him out in 2010). He has ridden against Sean Kelly and Egan Bernal, two riders that are likely to be active in years that are more than half a century apart. He top 10'd a monument five years before the current youngest WT rider was born.

He has proved that you can win against WT riders at the age of 44 and win 2.1 races at 46. Now, at the Algerian-registered Sovac-Natura4Ever team and turning 47 in August, Rebellin is struggling to find a win. His best result this season is a 3rd place in the final stage of the Tour of Algeria. Has age finally caught up with him? And, knowing that his professionalism is almost Valverde level, has he hit the absolute age limit for when a cyclist can be competitive?
Actually this topic makes me a little sad. For the last 4 or 5 years I would always pretend to myself being fine with getting older and not being a teenager anymore. At the same time people like Davide Rebellin, Noriaki Kasai, Mel B from the Spice Girls and Naomi Campbell would always make me feel like 1998 was only about 5 years ago. In the last 1-2 years however age has finally caught up with everyone of the everyoung 4. That means 1998 really is 20 years ago, 2008 already 10, I'm not a teenager anymore and getting 30 years old quite soon. That this kind of feelings are kind of "girls problems" doesn't exactly make me feel less pathetic about it to be honest. :D

Vai Davide, keep going on!