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De Fauw suicide - why not a single word on cyclingnews?

Jul 15, 2009
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Ok, it's just one more sad news, but it's a cycling fact - young - 28 yo - track belgium racer Dimitri De Fauw, reported as depressed since the dead on a velodrome of Isaac Galvez in 2006, killed himself at last friday. Not a single word at cyclingnews.com, two days later...

Dr. Maserati

Jun 19, 2009
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Actually - it was on the Cycling News main page on Friday and there is another thread here. However I did quick check of the main news page - and it has disappeared. Maybe one of the CN staff could see what happened?


Clythio said:
I see now - thought it was of general interest, and should be at home main page. Not used to go on tabs..

it was on the main page, but it is track news not road.. and it was discussed within a few minutes of it being released to the press on this forum on a thread that is just down VVV there somewhere... from what i remember it was also on the rss news feed as well..

i will criticise when need be but on this one i will stick up for CN, they reported it very quickly, it was in the main news, and it was discussed here... trust me..

and heres the thread.. http://forum.cyclingnews.com/showthread.php?t=4458
its about two threads below this one...