Dean Woods Rip

Really loved the Aussies winning the team pursuit against the USA at the '84 Olympics when Dean was still a junior.

Very sad for his family, friends and fans ... much too young. All round bad week for sport in Australia with cricket legend Shane Warne also passing in his early 50's.

Famous ,infamous coach and team director Eddie "B" Borysewicz got a nuclear career boost from the 84 games, at the time USCF made him a cycling God. .I know that he had great admiration and respect for the Australian team, Woods included..he said out loud at all our loops like Morley Field, Domingez Hills,and Encino,T-Town that he got beat by the better team..Pursuit and other alts and riders,including Lance Armstrong went on to be on the Subaru - Montgomery securities a young cyclist it was drilled into me that pursuiters,points racers and 6 day guys were who you should model yourself after
.Woods is the definition of..Hard Man..RIP..and I only saw the Men's and women's road races that year..feel a little disappointment not seeing track events..hearing everything second hand.....:(