Death at Tough Mudder

Jan 18, 2010
Sounds like an odd way to spend the day. I reckon going for a bike ride or visiting the local pub would be better.

British specials forces designed that? they should know better.
hrotha said:
I don't think cyclists are ones to speak, when we have fellow bike riders dying left and right on the road. There's an inherent risk to everything we do.
Have you ever ridden through electrified wires? How about plunging yourself and your bike into muddy water where you risked having a 250 lb fatass land on you, causing you to lay unconscious, breathing liquid, and any safety personnel on hand would not be able to find you in the opaque water before your brain suffered fatal damage?

Although this is the first death at Tough Mudder, at another event a guy went to the bottom of a mud pit and the other participants, unbeknownst, trudged over the poor SOB. They found him near the end of the day.

There is risk then there is stupid risk.

What really surprises me is that they have not had a huge number of deaths from heart attacks. A lot of the participants are not exactly athletic.
Bespoke said:
Very unfortunate although inevitable. The rise to popularity of this event is staggering. I'm not sure what void it is filling but it sure seems to have widespread growth across a broad demographic.
It seems like people want to let out their inner action movie hero.

Some friends have asked me if I wanted to do it with them. I told them "No f@#king way! I got enough of that sh!t in the army." :confused: