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Delay in releasing novel "Feast Days of the Saints"

I recieved information this past week my novel "Feast Days of the Saints", a thriller about a doping scandal in the Tour de France was originally to be released in April, but the new date is set for May 15. You can catch the first chapter of the book on my web site http://www.shawnrohrbach.com. Once it is officially released, it will be available through any book store, amazon, Borders on line, etc. I had mentioned the novel previously here and thanks to those who have inquired about the release date. And knowing how brutally honest cycling forum posters can be, any feedback on it here and other book review sites will always be welcomed. Happy reading!
Mar 10, 2009
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You might want to post a grippier Preview on your site, if its not all cycling I doubt many will buy. I'm not into novelas...

So how did you come about writing such a book?