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Direct TV Drops Versus

Jun 19, 2009
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The satellite tv provider dropped Versus and now We don't have the Tour of Missouri or any other cycling event for that matter. Granted I don't know a single person who is upset about the lack of bull riding but The TOUR!!! If you have Direct TV you probably just figured it out when you went to watch the Tour of Missouri.
Aug 26, 2009
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no versus... try this.

I was bummed not to see the Leadville 100, so I started poking around... this site http://www.cyclingfans.com has quite a bit of live cycling online... It seems to come from many different sites and national broadcasts from around the world. Some of it you need to piece together, but I was able to watch some of the tour on it as well as the giro... I just looked and it has the tour of missouri on tap... good luck!
scribe said:
Tune to 604 for the vuelta.

I agree, with VS you only got a 2 hour highlight each sunday for the Vuelta. With 604, the Universal Sport Network, we get 2 hours each day. PLus its nice to hear annoucers who will talk about all the riders. Too bad according to Direct TV, this is only until the end of the month, so I dont know if they are working on getting VS back, or they are working on a deal with Universal


Aug 17, 2009
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Yet another reason not to subscribe to sattelite/cable TV.
So much rubbish on TV I am afraid to subject my children to TV.
For instance the phony UBC/ ultimate fighting and badly produced teen shows.
TV is a rip off.