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Dirty Kanza 200 2012 Results

FYI, the Dirty Kanza 200 is a 200 mile gravel road race run with some very simple rules (extremely limited support, only a route sheet and mostly dirt roads in varying condition) in the Fargo and Flint hills of Kansas. The 12-18 hour finish times should be a clue the event is extremely difficult. A 'cross bike is probably still the best bike for the ride.

420 started, 260 finish. Rebecca Rusch finished third overall!!!!! For a few old-timers who might remember the name, Gunnar and Betsy Shogren finished together at 13:44.

Fair warning, the results are posted in Google's proprietary format. Your browser might not support viewing the file.

The google docs results are here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsX2wjBYjHDLdGtQLUJHXzlKbTQzLUw1REUxbnAyblE

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