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**Do I still choose the Deda Elementi Supernatural Road Bar with NEW STI (non-zap)?**

Need feedback on choosing a handlebar, and unfortunately don't have the chance to test-ride my two options... :(

Regarding the Deda Elementi Supernatural Road Bar vs. Newton Anatomic:


Manufacturer says Supernatural is designed specifically for STI cable routing: "Shimano (STI) specific anatomic bend for in-the-drops comfort and control with single-groove cable routing."

Does this refer to old-style, pre-Dura-Ace 7900 STI, however? Given the fact that new Dura-Ace levers route all cable under the tape, would I be better served by choosing the classic Deda Elementi Newton Anatomic Bar, which I use now w/ Campag Record 10 ergo levers?

I'm building up a new bike, and thinking about using Shimano. However, the Deda Newton Anatomic + Campag Ergo lever combo is truly a perfect bar/lever choice for me, one that I'd like to replicate as closely as possible with the new set-up. Obviously taking into account the fact that I won't be able to replicate my position/set-up perfectly if I switch components, I'd still like to get close.

So, do I go with the Newton Anatomic + Dura-Ace or Supernatural + Dura-Ace?

Feedback is appreciated - post here, PM or email me. :)

Mar 19, 2009
I've been riding that same Campy/Deda Newton set up on one of the rigs for about 8 years, about as long as the Newton bar has been around. Great feel for me too. A friend of mine has a dura ace (small caps:))/Newton set up on his Steelman cross bike, and since were the same size I regularly tool around on it when I'm over there, which actually rides really nice. I'd love to have a Steelman someday(daydreaming).

My vote is to stick with the bar you're used to, and you know very well how finicky us roadies can be, especially once we start toying around with minor changes in position.
Apr 13, 2009
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